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It is important to have the right equipment in order to solve different clinical situations and to render the treatment more efficient and effective. Among the tools we use we note the Soredex Cranex 3+, the Bts P-Walk Stabilometric Platform and the Bts Tmjoint Electromyograph: behind each one there is always the expert hand of our Staff.

Bts Tmjoint electromyograph

A simple and painless examination by electrodes positioned on the face. Useful for assessing the health of chewing muscles and their performance. The muscle pairs under examination are solicited and the data are processed via dedicated software. The tone, symmetry and responsiveness of the muscles are assessed. If you have issues with teeth grinding, headache, chewing pain, joint or ear pain, this may be the exam for you.

Stabilometric platform Bts P-Walk

The stabilometric analysis using this device is progressively becoming a medical standard for dental care. Using specific pressure sensors on the inside it is possible to monitor the patient’s posture, effectively identifying problems of balance and weight distribution. These, in addition to compromising posture, also problematically modify the position of the jaw with unpleasent consequences. By following the right therapy you can therefore improve the health of your teeth and of the whole body.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy has countless applications, thanks to the flexibility of this powerful and innovative tool. Used in parodontitis,general surgery, orthodontics, etc.. In all of these applications the various types of lasers improve the result and decrease treatment time.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy uses ozone to block the progress of cavities: it is a technology that eliminates the use of anesthetics and drill. Thanks to its chemical composition, ozone effectively sterilizes the carious tissue and prevents it from recurring. Its main characteristics are analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating. Ozone therapy is a fundamental ally in dental preservation, because it helps to avoid decay of teeth in both young and adult patients.

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