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Book a visit, a DENS dentist will assess the clinical condition of your ENTIRE mouth and show you the best solution to obtain HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL teeth! Choose the Dens Dental Clinic nearest to you and fill in the form: we take care of the rest!


Find out how to get your teeth back in 2 hours if you are a patient with a suitable clinical condition! Don’t give up your smile and your peace of mind!

Thanks to DENS protocols, many patients with suitable clinical conditions regain their smiles within hours and without any pain.


Missing one or more teeth can cause bone tissue damage and chewing problems as well as being an aesthetic and psychological problem. Thanks to DENS implantology, it is possible to replace missing teeth with implants inserted into the bone that can support single teeth, groups of teeth or complete arches. The use of implants makes it possible to keep the teeth adjacent to the space to be filled intact or to obtain fixed prostheses in patients who might otherwise only use removable prostheses.

You’re in the right place!

At DENS, we take care of not only the restoration of functionality but also the aesthetics of your smile!

What does a dental implant look like?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces the tooth root and is inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone to support fixed prostheses.

No fear! Titanium is a biocompatible material that does not cause foreign body reactions and establishes a direct connection with the bone to achieve osseointegration. An abutment post is then attached to the implant to which the prosthetic crown is screwed, faithfully reproducing the appearance of a natural tooth. Our dentists will guide you through each stage of treatment and inform you about the clinical procedure to ensure maximum safety, satisfaction and comfort.

What is meant by Bone Regeneration:

When there is a loss of bone volume in both the maxilla and mandible, it may be necessary to strengthen the bone walls. Through the use of bone substitutes, synthetic or natural, it is possible to regenerate bone now lost, making implant surgery possible, and safer.

Rely on DENS, ask for a visit to one of our studios to assess your clinical case, if bone regeneration is necessary we will intervene to give you a new smile: YOUR.

Immediate loading, what we are talking about:

In the past, implantology treatments took a long time, it could take as long as three to six months before the prosthesis was loaded. Today, on the other hand, if the patient’s clinical condition allows it, it is possible to perform immediate loading, i.e. to deliver a provisional prosthetic restoration only two hours after insertion of the implant into the bone base.

You can thus recover full chewing function within a few hours.

Of course, the preliminary assessment of the feasibility of this protocol is fundamental in order to minimise possible failures: the dentist will assess the height and thickness of the bone and, if bone matter is scarce, may propose sinus lift or bone grafts, synthetic or natural.

All on 4/6

In cases of diffuse edentulism (lack of teeth) and bone deficiency, the All on 4/6 technique can be used. This is a protocol that allows both the upper and lower arch to be fitted with a fixed prosthesis anchored to four or six implants. By tilting the two posterior implants it is possible to use long implants in a minimal bone volume, thus increasing implant-bone contact and reducing the need for vertical bone grafting.

DENS smiles: in 2 hours* and without pain, our patients regain healthy and beautiful teeth.

*in patients with suitable clinical conditions

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