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Digital radiology

Digital radiography decreases ray exposure and increases the quality of obtained images. It is a very useful and sometimes indispensable diagnostic aid.


For patients who want to start an orthodontic treatment, it is imperative to perform a L/L teleradiography of the skull, on which the orthodontist performs a cephalometric tracing, a series of measurements taken from fixed cranial points. This information is crucial in setting up the treatment plan.

Digital orthopantomography

The orthopantomography of dental arches (Dental Panoramic) is an X-ray of all dental elements, bone structures, part of the maxillary sinuses and temporomandibular joints. Essential for the formulation of a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Digital intraoral radiography

It consists of a small x-ray exam that encompasses, at most, three or four teeth. It provides a more precise and detailed image of the investigated area by limiting the typical overlaps of the Panoramic view and reduces the radiation dose.

3D digital CT

The digital 3D CT (CONE BEAM) technology enables the evaluation of dental arches in three dimensions. This way bone volume and proximity to delicate anatomical structures can be assessed millimetrically. In addition, the dose of radiation of this new method is enormously lower than the traditional CT,but paradoxically providing greater detail and sharpness.

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