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It deals with issues related to cranio-cervico-mandibular disorders that can cause: headache, facial pain, unspecified facial neuralgia, pain near the ear, blocked ear, blockage of the jaw, joint noise, difficulty chewing, dental wear, periodontitis, pain in the cervical spine, motor instability, postural problems.


Useful for assessing the health of chewing muscles and their performance. Simple and painless, functions by means of electrodes positioned on the face of the patient. The muscle pairs examined are solicited and data are processed by the dedicated software. Thus the tone, symmetry and responsiveness of the aforementioned muscles are assessed.

If you have issues with teeth grinding, headache, chewing pain, this could be the exam for you.

Stabilometric platform

Stabilometric analysis using this method is progressively becoming a medical standard for dental care. It uses specific pressure sensors on the inside, allowing to monitor the patient’s posture, effectively identifying problems of balance and weight distribution. These factors, in addition to compromising posture, problematically modify the position of the jaw with all that can follow. By following the right therapy, you can therefore improve the health of your teeth and the whole body.


The term bite includes a vast array of transparent resin plates of different thicknesses, fundamental in gnathological therapy. They help to reposition the jaw, relax muscles,as well as protect and assist the temporomandibular joint.

Pedana stabilometrica

L’analisi stabilometrica mediante questa pedana, sta progressivamente diventando uno standard medico per la cura odontoiatrica.

Mediante appositi sensori di pressione posti al suo interno, è possibile monitorare la postura del paziente, individuando con efficacia problemi di equilibrio e distribuzione del peso. Questi, oltre a compromettere la postura, modificano anche in maniera problematica la posizione della mandibola con tutto quello che ne può conseguire.

Seguendo la giusta terapia, si potrà quindi migliorare la salute dei denti e quella di tutto l’organismo.

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