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Restoration of chewing, speech and aesthetic function

Branch of dentistry that treats the restoration of masticatory, phonatory and aesthetic functions in mouths that have lost, for various reasons, some or all of dental elements.

The fixed prosthesis is a bulwark of dentistry and together with implantology allows for extraordinary recoveries nowadays.

The mobile prosthesis allows the rehabilitation of entire arches or parts of them in a removable way by the patient himself. Mobile prostheses are the total prosthesis, the partial prosthesis and the skeletal prosthesis.

Between the two fixed and mobile categories we have mixed ones: partly fixed, partly mobile and mobile on systems that allow greater stability.

METAL FREE ceramics

In our studio we have abandoned the usual use of metal (gold or steel) and use resistant, highly aesthetic and color-stable integral ceramics.

We have therefore eliminated unsightly metal borders and the “dark halos” on the gingival contour.


Zirconium oxide is a white material composed of Zirconium metal and Oxygen. High fracture resistance, absence of allergic reaction, corrosion or electrical conduction.

Lithium disilicate

Very suitable in aesthetic prosthesis for its physical and chemical properties and for its high resistance. The exceptional translucency and the cementation with adhesive technique obtains absolutely mimetic aesthetic results.

Inlaid veneers


Ceramic veneers guarantee minimal invasiveness and great aesthetic results. We are able to transform entire smiles even in one day (with proper planning) by eliminating the use of temporary fittings. Inlays, whether they are ceramic or composite resin, are the most correct alternative to large fillings, giving greater resistance and aesthetics.

Digital design

Our prosthetic works are entirely developed with digital CadCam tools and micrometrically milled after the computer design phase. Extreme precision and greater resistance than traditional oven preparation.

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