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“A reference dentist” is not just a slogan, but it is the working philosophy of DENS studios.

The dentist will follow you from the first visit to the end of your therapy to ensure the continuity and reliability you deserve. In addition, all the staff who welcome you to the studio in Pavia, Milan, Garlasco, Lodi and Abbiategrasso have your health and well-being at heart.

“A reference dentist” is not only a slogan, but the work ethics of DENS Studio.

The dentist will assist you from your first visit until the end of your therapy in order to ensure the continuity and reliability you deserve. Our staff who welcome you in Pavia, Milan, Garlasco, Lodi and Abbiategrasso Studios deeply care about your health and well-being.



  • Constant dialogue with the dentist who will follow you from the first to the last visit

  • Experienced dentists, constantly updated

  • Experienced dentists, constantly updated

  • Cutting-edge technologies for diagnosis and treatment

  • Staff who care about your health and well-being

  • Six branches in Lombardy

  • Personalized, clear and transparent care plans

  • Inglese Availability of different payment methods that adapt to your needs

  • Direct agreements with the main insurance policies and private funds

  • Quality assurance

Together for your smile!


Dens Italia is a network of dental offices able to offer high quality dental care.

Born from the experience of Dr. Marco De Angelis, Dens is synonymous with professionalism and innovation,

with a wide range of services to satisfy every dental need.


It deals with rehabilitating patients who are missing one or more dental elements. A prosthetic crown that has the functional and aesthetic appearance of a natural tooth is screwed to a titanium screw, which replaces the natural root of the tooth.


Treatments such as teeth whitening or the application of ceramic veneers help correct any defects in a person’s smile.


It is the branch of dentistry that aims to straighten teeth by acting on functional and aesthetic imperfections.

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Dens and Centro Medico Lombardo dental practices are at the forefront of the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Starting from Monday 25 May, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY from 8:00 to 12:00 at the Melchiorre Gioia headquarters in Milan, it will be possible to carry out serological tests for the detection of Covid-19 antibodies