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Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is an avant-garde technique in the field of anesthesia, which serves to anesthetize the patient effectively but in a light and non-invasive manner.

Why conscious anesthesia?

When going to a dental office, many people have fears about anesthesia and possible pain. Thanks to new technologies, however, we have the possibility of turning longer and more complex interventions into less unpleasant experiences.

How does it work

Firstly there is nitrous oxide, a non-toxic and non-irritating substance which is simply eliminated by breathing, and therefore not metabolized by the body. Nitrous oxide is administered by inhalation, together with oxygen, in varying percentages. It is also suitable for children. Additionally there is intravenous sedation, carried out by an anesthesiologist surgeon who will administer a solution consisting of analgesics, gastric protectors and, in cases of particular anxiety or fear, a light anxiolytic.

Tranquility and security in a safe and fully-equipped environment

In order to monitor the patient’s vital signs, as well as early detecting the occurrence of any decompensation or problem, our surgical rooms are equipped with a cardio monitor, a defibrillator and other specific tools essential to keep vital functions under control.

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